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Sterling Silver Double Circles Stacking Necklace Set

Sterling Silver Double Circles Stacking Necklace Set

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Introducing our Silver Circle Duo Necklace Set – a harmonious pairing of modern elegance and timeless design. This set features two distinct silver necklaces, each adorned with a unique circular charm.

The first necklace showcases a beautifully crafted hollow circle, creating an airy and contemporary aesthetic. The second necklace features a solid disc circle, adding a touch of classic sophistication to your ensemble. Both pieces share a common theme of circles, symbolizing unity and infinite style possibilities.

【Disc Necklace】● Length: Can be adjusted to 40, 42.5, and 45cm. Therefore you can wear them as a 16" or 18" necklace. ● Size of the Disc:15mm (Organic Finish) ● Metal: Sterling Silver

【Circle Necklace】● Length: 35 cm plus a 9cm extension (13.75"-17.5") ● Size of the circle: 2cm (0.8") ● Metal: Sterling Silver

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